June 18, 2020/Media

NCDP Calls on Senator Tillis to Take Down Ad Featuring Restaurant Owner Sued for Racial Discrimination

Today, the Charlotte Observer reported that Senator Tillis featured in his latest ad a restaurant owner who is being sued for racial discrimination after a black employee alleged that a white co-worker repeatedly called her racial slurs and “doused her face and chest with hot barbeque sauce and hit her with a metal pan.”

NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin released the following statement calling on Senator Tillis to take down his ad:

“It speaks volumes that Senator Tillis is spending more than a million dollars on an ad featuring someone who is being sued for racial discrimination. Either Senator Tillis knew that this person was being sued for racial discrimination when he shot the ad or he doesn’t care. If Senator Tillis has any decency, he will take down this ad immediately and apologize to North Carolinians.”