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North Carolina Democrats are building the foundation for a prosperous and inclusive North Carolina, from Murphy to Manteo. We’re leading the fight for job creation and livable wages, good public schools no matter the zip code and debt-free college, access to affordable health care, and taking a stand against gerrymandering and Republican attempts to rig the system.

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Our team of grassroots Democrats are fighting on the front lines to break the Republican supermajority in the General Assembly and bring change to Washington. It’s never been more important for everyday North Carolinians, like you, to join the fight.

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November 16, 2017/Press

GOP Tax Plan Hurts North Carolina Workers and Communities

House Republicans are set to vote on a bill this afternoon that will increase taxes on middle class families and provide massive giveaways to billionaires and wealthy corporations.

November 15, 2017/Press

ICYMI: Rep. Meyer: The GOP Tax Bill is Bad For Students

“The House tax bill eliminates over $65 billion in higher education tax breaks that currently make paying for college easier. Americans need more help paying for college, not less.” - Natalia Abrams, Student Debt Crisis Executive Director

November 15, 2017/Press

Anita Earls Announces Campaign for N.C. Supreme Court Justice

Former Gov. Hunt, Rep. Butterfield, NCDP African-American Caucus Chair Endorse Prominent Civil Rights Attorney In Her Bid for State’s Highest Court

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