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Democrats are fighting for strong public education, affordable health care, environmental protections, & independent redistricting. It’s critical North Carolinians, like you, join the fight and vote. Find your polling place:

In 2019, there are two Special Congressional Elections in the 3rd and 9th Districts and local races all across the state. Use our 2019 Voter Information Guide to get ready to elect Democrats who will stand up for and protect our values.

Special Election Information


Officials are encouraging those who can to vote early before Hurricane Dorian hits. Make sure to stay safe while you make your voice heard. Here are a list of resources to help you prepare for the storm: Some voting locations have been closed due to anticipated inclement weather; check yours here:

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Go vote for Allen Thomas in NC-03's Special Election
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Go vote for Dan McCready in NC-09's Special Election

Voting Resources

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What to Bring to the Polls
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Vote by Mail: Request an Absentee Ballot

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