April 27, 2022/Media, Press

Final GOP Senate Debate “Didn’t Provide Solutions” To NC Voters

Last night, the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate took the debate stage for the final time. After four meetings, the debates have revealed that this divisive field of candidates would rather spend their time fighting amongst each other than provide solutions to North Carolina voters. 

Read what they’re saying: 

FOX8: McCrory, Walker talk immigration, medical marijuana, Trump’s endorsement in final debate

  • But although Budd (R-Advance) was out of the room, he was far from out of the conversation as both McCrory and Walker hammered him for his absence, for what they said was his lack of courage and for feeling “entitled but not qualified” to be a senator.
  • But when they were asked what they would do immediately to deal with the highest rate of inflation in decades, they didn’t really answer. They discussed what they saw as the causes — government subsidies that motivated people to stay home and not work, the high government spending that is driving up the deficit, saying no way student loans should be forgiven — driving home their points, but they didn’t provide solutions.







FOX46: “The missing individual was Ted Budd, and both men took the opportunities to attack Ted Budd for his lack of presence at any of the debates, this final one included…Well, it seemed like almost every opportunity that they got to bring up the fact that Ted Budd was not on that stage, they did.”






WRAL: McCrory and Walker weigh in on Trump’s influence at Budd-free US Senate debate

  • McCrory and Walker expressed frustration with a surprise video that appeared during the debate in which the moderators aired a response from Budd to an interview question he was asked about reigning in medical costs. The move to give Budd a platform during the debate particularly infuriated McCrory, who has routinely criticized the congressman’s refusal to show up to any of the four debates he’s been invited to attend. 
  • “If Ted Budd had enough time to do that interview, why in the hell didn’t he have enough time to come to this debate and three other debates?” McCrory asked. “It’s an insult to the people of North Carolina.” 
  • Walker also chimed in, saying, “I am surprised that he gets a chance to weigh in on some of the questions there.”