April 28, 2022/Media, Press

Charlotte Post: North Carolina seniors can’t afford Republican control of government

In an op-ed to The Charlotte Post, North Carolina Democratic Party Senior Caucus Chair Tina Marshall outlines Republicans’ plan to raise medical bills in North Carolina for seniors and persons with disabilities. 

If Republicans get their way, Social Security and Medicare could sunset after 5 years, leaving over four million North Carolinians at risk of losing the benefits they rely on. 

The Charlotte Post: North Carolina seniors can’t afford Republican control of government

  • We should all be alarmed about the Republican Party’s agenda to sunset federal legislation like Social Security and Medicare. Like millions of North Carolinians, I rely on the Medicare and Social Security benefits that I spent my life paying into. Without Medicare, I would struggle to afford expensive medical bills for doctor visits and medications I need, and without Social Security, I wouldn’t get payments I rely on to pay bills.
  • Even with Medicare and Social Security being some of the most popular programs in the country, and widely used by all, Republicans are headed into the 2022 midterms with a plan that would sunset all federal legislation, including Medicare and Social Security, after five years – putting at risk the millions of Americans who rely on the services these crucial programs provide.
  • This is nothing new. For years, Republicans have threatened to make cuts to Medicare and Social Security, and now, under Florida Senator and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott’s leadership, they’re pushing a plan that would sunset the programs entirely – leaving behind the combined 4 million-plus North Carolinians who rely on these government-funded programs.
  • This November, the choice couldn’t be clearer and stakes couldn’t be higher. We need to do everything to protect our Democratic majorities in Washington – Republican control would mean putting millions of North Carolinians’ Medicare and Social Security benefits in danger – while President Biden and Democrats have a responsible plan to lower deficits and are pushing every day to lower costs.
  • Simply put, North Carolina seniors and persons with disabilities who rely on Medicare or Social Security can’t afford Republican control.