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Building Blue for '22

Building Blue for ’22

Building Blue for ‘22 sets Democrats up to win locally, flip the US Senate Seat, defend the Governor’s veto, protect the courts, and make real, lasting contributions to their communities.

What is Building Blue for ’22?

Guided by County Captains, Grassroots Organizers will participate in 5 relational organizing and community building projects, one for every quarter leading up to the 2022 statewide election. Each quarterly project will support community partners and the groundwork they’re doing on the issues that matter most. Monthly trainings will supplement each project, helping Organizers build and expand their personal volunteer corps.

If every Grassroots Organizer recruits and maintains a network of 25 volunteers, Democrats will have a coalition of 66,550 volunteers ready to elect our candidates across the ballot in 2022.

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Building Blue for ‘22 emphasizes action, training & relationship building

The goal of Building Blue for ’22 is not to complete tasks or make calls, it’s to build relationships that last through 2022 and beyond. Through monthly trainings and skill-building sessions, each Organizer will develop the tools to mobilize their friends and family and form new connections with the community activists and volunteers that share our Democratic values. By 2022, each County Captain and their Grassroots Organizers will help Democrats:

Strengthen our coalition.

To win in 2022, we’ll need a strong coalition of support that reaches every part of North Carolina. By mobilizing 25 people in each of our 2,622 precincts across the Old North State, we’ll be able to meet the needs of each neighborhood individually and deliver our Democratic nominees a grassroots coalition of 66,550 volunteers after the primary. And, by engaging our networks now, we’ll become more effective messengers in election years.


Become strategic partners.

Through monthly trainings, Organizers will strengthen our campaign and organizing skills and help develop our outreach strategy ahead of 2022. From technology, to organizing, to communications, Grassroots Organizers won’t just learn the skills to help them complete their quarterly project, they’ll be empowered to design and manage their own outreach and engagement initiatives for years to come.


Demonstrate our shared values.

We’ll show our community what it means to be a Democrat by showing up for our allies and mobilizing them to effect real change. By partnering with community organizations, we’ll support the work that’s already happening across the State and achieve our collective goal of electing Democrats down the ballot.


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