September 14, 2020/Media, Press

AG Josh Stein Hits Back Against Trump’s Lies About Voting Twice in North Carolina

Raleigh – After Donald Trump continued to encourage North Carolinians to try to vote twice — which is a felony — North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein pushed back against the president’s lies, reminding voters that they can track their absentee ballot through BallotTrax.

Twitter was even forced to put a warning label on Trump’s social media post relating to voting twice for violating the company’s “Civic Integrity Policy.”

In an appearance Sunday night on MSNBC’s Kasie DC, Stein reiterated the facts of the situation: “You do not need to vote twice, and if you do what the president suggested, you run the risk of committing a felony in North Carolina.”

What they’re saying: 

Bloomberg: Twitter and North Carolina Push Back on Trump Vote-Twice Tweet

  • North Carolina officials are once again telling Tar Heel state voters not to listen to Donald Trump. Twitter agrees, and placed a flag on a Saturday tweet by the president as violating its policies.
  • But it’s a crime to vote twice, and state officials have been telling voters they can track the status of their ballot online to ensure it has been counted since Trump first suggested on Sept. 3 that voters who cast mail-in ballots also go to the polls.
  • North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein posted a multi-part response to Trump on Saturday morning, saying in one tweet, “NORTH CAROLINA: Do NOT do what the President directs,” and in another urging voters to “FOLLOW THE LAW.”

CNN: Facebook and Twitter put warning label on Trump’s posts on voting twice

  • Facebook and Twitter placed warning labels on — but did not remove — social media posts by President Donald Trump on Saturday after he urged North Carolina residents to show up to polling places even if they have already submitted a mail-in ballot, a practice state election officials have explicitly advised against.
  • North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein tweeted in response to the President, telling North Carolina residents: “Do NOT do what the President directs.”
  • He added that voting twice is a felony and voters should not “unnecessarily risk exposure to more people” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Slate: Twitter Flags Trump Tweet That Encourages Some to Vote Twice

  • Twitter once again flagged a tweet from President Donald Trump, this time for a message that sure made it seem like the commander in chief was encouraging some people to vote twice.
  • One person who made that clear was North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, who responded on Twitter with a message to voters: “Do NOT do what the president directs.”
  • Stein went on to write a thread detailing all the different ways voters in North Carolina could cast their ballot. Stein noted that the “only GOOD thing” about Trump’s tweet is that he “FINALLY encourages voters to VOTE BY MAIL.”

News & Observer: North Carolina attorney general rebukes Trump’s tweet. You can only vote once.

  • N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein reminded people they cannot vote twice, again rebuking President Donald Trump’s telling North Carolinians to vote by mail and to try again in person.
  • Stein refuted the president’s urging people to vote twice, which is illegal, for the second time in a week.
  • Stein went on via a tweet thread to share voting information. He also said that the only good thing about Trump’s tweet is “that he FINALLY encourages voters to VOTE BY MAIL. It’s an easy, safe & secure way to cast a ballot.”

WRAL: Twitter flags Trump’s tweet advising North Carolinians to double check mail-in vote at the polls

  • Twitter flagged one of President Donald Trump’s tweets after he encouraged North Carolinians to confirm absentee ballots by double checking at their physical polling place.
  • North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein tweeted in response to Trump’s claim: “Do not do what the President directs.”
  • The board of elections has systems in place to prevent people from voting twice, state elections director Karen Brinson Bell said in a statement Thursday.

WTVD: With controversial tweet, President Trump inadvertently advertises new online tool to track your absentee ballots

  • You can track your package and you can even track your pizza. Why not your absentee ballot? Thanks to BallotTrax, that’s now available in the pivotal swing state of North Carolina, where officials continue to process a record number of voter registrations (7.1 million and counting) and requests for absentee ballots (nearly 760,000 and counting).
  • North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein fired back within the hour encouraging voters to send in ballots early and to track it online, saying it’s a felony to vote twice.
  • “I saw it and I read it and I was disheartened,” Stein lamented to ABC11. “It’s chock full of wrong and damaging information.”
  • In his interview with ABC11, Stein urged voters to stick to BallotTrax if they want to legally participate in the process.