September 14, 2020/Media, Press

NC House Democrats Respond to Speaker Moore’s Blatant Lies

RALEIGH – North Carolina House Republicans are once again lying to the people of North Carolina. In a long winded Press Release, Speaker Tim Moore makes the false claims about House Democrats stances on law enforcement funding; he cites a pledge that makes no mention of police funds. 

Leader Darren Jackson has released the following statement in response: 

“Speaker Moore has given us another set of blatant lies. No, we didn’t pledge to defund the police but we did pledge to invest in quality Health Care and Education for all North Carolinians. Why hasn’t Speaker Moore?”

“This is just the latest attempt to mislead the public with scare tactics and false facts. House Republicans have once again shown us, they care more about winning than about working for what’s best for all North Carolinians.”