June 23, 2020/Press

What McConnell’s New Ads Propping Up Tillis Won’t Tell You: Tillis Admits He Waited a Month to Act on Coronavirus, China Rhetoric is “Political”

Yet another Republican outside group with ties to Mitch McConnell is swooping into North Carolina to prop up Senator Tillis’ flailing campaign, launching ads today that tout Tillis’ “quick action” on coronavirus and his rhetoric on China.

But what these outside groups won’t tell you is that Senator Tillis — by his own admission — waited more than a month to act to address coronavirus and has been trying to rewrite his record being weak on China as part of a desperate political strategy.

Here’s what’s missing:

Senator Tillis admitted he waited more than a month to act on coronavirus. In a “complete response timeline” sent from his campaign, Tillis disclosed that he didn’t take public action on coronavirus for a month after receiving a briefing on January 24, three days after the first U.S. COVID-19 case was confirmed. Instead, Tillis was introducing a meaningless Senate resolution, appearing at Trump eventsrenaming a post office, and confirming a judge “notable for his strong defense” of voter suppression tactics.

Senator Tillis admitted his attempt to rewrite his weak-on-China response is “political.” Tillis recently fessed up that his new “tough on China” talk is an election year political strategy, admitting that “there is a political dimension to it.” Tillis followed Mitch McConnell’s talking points because he was too weak to stand up against the Trump administration as it applauded China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and shipped 18 tons of PPE and other medical equipment to China instead of stockpiling it in the U.S.

“Mitch McConnell and outside dark money groups are swooping in to prop up Senator Tillis because he’s one of the most vulnerable Senators in the country and his reelection chances look weaker by the day,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “These outside groups’ claims are debunked by Senator Tillis’ own admissions that he waited a critical month to act and is trying to rewrite his record on China to help his reelection chances. Senator Tillis is weak and vulnerable, and no amount of false claims from Mitch McConnell’s groups can change that.”