June 22, 2020/Press

It’s Been 4 Days & Tillis Hasn’t Pulled Down Ad Featuring Business Owner At The Center Of A Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Four days ago, the Charlotte Observer and WFAE reported that Senator Tillis’ latest ad prominently features the owner of a restaurant that is “at the center” of a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by the federal government. The lawsuit allegations are chilling. From WFAE:

“The lawsuit was based on a complaint by a former employee of the restaurant, Shana Knox, who is black. Knox said that a former white employee, Chris Bishop, at the restaurant repeatedly called her the ‘N-word,’ telling her that he hated all black people and that he could put ‘all you N-word in a barrel and burn you.’ Knox also said Bishop – in January 2017 – doused her face and chest with BBQ sauce and hit her with a metal pan.

According to court documents, the restaurant owned by the man featured in Tillis’ ad fired the employee in question but then rehired him a few months later. Yet Senator Tillis continues to feature this man in his television ads – part of a more than $1 million ad campaign.

It’s been four days since North Carolina learned that Tillis is featuring someone at the center of a racial discrimination lawsuit — and four days since NCDP called on Senator Tillis to take down his ad. 

“Senator Tillis’ refusal to take down this ad shows North Carolinians just how unconcerned he is with these serious allegations of racially-motivated workplace harassment,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “By continuing to air this ad, Tillis is making a clear statement to North Carolinians about whose side he’s on.”