July 29, 2021/Media, Press

Republicans Divided On Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, Where Do Budd & McCrory Stand?

As the Senate voted to move forward on bipartisan infrastructure legislation yesterday, including Senators Tillis and Burr voting in favor, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Mark Walker is making clear he’s against the package that would create jobs, repair roads and bridges, and support public transportation projects. Walker said he is “proud” of the GOP Senators who opposed even debating the legislation that earned broad support across party lines. In a WBT interview, former Congressman Walker went even further, saying he was “disappointed” with Tillis’ and Burr’s votes to move forward with the bill and took a shot at their conservative credentials. 

Former President Trump, who endorsed Congressman Budd for Senate, issued a threat against Republicans who vote with Democrats on infrastructure. Where do Budd & McCrory stand?

“North Carolina Republicans are divided over whether to invest in critical improvements to rebuild our infrastructure and create good-paying jobs or pass another Trump purity test,” said NCDP spokeswoman Kate Frauenfelder. “North Carolinians deserve to know whether Ted Budd and Pat McCrory stand with former President Trump and Mark Walker in opposing these investments or agree with Senators Burr and Tillis that North Carolina needs this bipartisan infrastructure bill.”