July 29, 2021/Media, Press

North Carolina GOP Senate Primary Devolving Into Expensive, Negative Brawl

New reporting from the News & Observer details the latest GOP Senate primary spending “more than eight months away” from the primary election — a negative attack ad from Congressman Ted Budd’s allies that calls his rival Pat McCrory a “fool” for providing economic incentives to a Chinese-owned company when he was Governor. The ad is backed by Club for Growth, an ultra-conservative Washington special interest group that has already raised more than $5 million to support Budd’s Senate campaign.

The ad launch is spurring even more infighting among the GOP campaigns. One of McCrory’s advisors shot back at the attack, saying: “For Ted Budd and his DC buddies, who’ve supported pro-China trade policies, to attack job development efforts in rural communities just proves that they have no interest in helping NC families and no credible path to victory.” 

This ad buy follows a radio ad from the Budd campaign earlier this month touting his Trump endorsement and again taking swipes at McCrory for losing more statewide races than he’s won. The 60-second spot is almost entirely audio from the NC GOP convention where former President Trump said “You can’t pick people that have already lost two races” and emphasized that McCrory does not “stand for our values.” 

“The nasty Republican Senate primary is getting more expensive and negative by the day,” said Kate Frauenfelder, NCDP spokeswoman. “More than eight months away from the primary election, Congressman Budd and his Washington allies have opened the floodgates for a surge of spending in this knock-down, drag-out fight to the nomination.”