May 15, 2020/Press

ICYMI: Trump Administration’s Fumbled COVID-19 Response Proves Inability to Lead

In an op-ed for Capital Broadcast Company, former associate justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court, Robert Orr slammed President Trump for his failed leadership during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

“For registered Republicans like myself who have worked to build and support the Republican Party, we are increasingly dismayed by the failures of this President,” wrote Robert Orr, former associate justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court. 

Nearly every day, we are show the widespread incompetence of theTrump administration, from accounts that the president only sent resources to Governors who praised him to reports the administration declined an offer from a major medical supply manufacturer to ramp up production of N95 masks in January.

CBC: ROBERT ORR: Trump’s failed leadership exemplified in COVID-19 response

  • Our reliance on government in times of great pain and peril calls for inspired, competent and, I would submit, constitutionally grounded leaders at all levels of government – particularly in the President of the United States. Donald Trump has failed to provide that leadership.
  • He has bullied our country’s governors, threatening manipulation of federal relief based on who does and does not support him politically. And the list goes on. He even suggested we drink bleach to abate the virus.
  • Most importantly, his actions are in complete disregard of our Constitution and the founding principles of America. In governing, it is not just about making “right” decisions.  It is about understanding and appreciating those core constitutional concepts like separation of powers, and the rights and roles of state governments under our Constitution. 
  • The President must be a bellwether of moral leadership for our citizens, and arguably, the world. He also must demonstrate the capacity to make tough, sometimes unpopular decisions; decisions that impact the lives and well-being of the country.  
  • While our nation is ever mindful of the dangers from this pandemic and the ensuing economic fallout, our citizens must also be both mindful and watchful for the dangers George Washington warned us about 224 years ago – dangers embodied by Donald Trump. We can and must do better.