May 15, 2020/Press

NEW: Does Tillis Agree with Trump’s False Claim that Cooper is “Playing Politics”?

President Trump last night falsely said that Governor Roy Cooper is “playing politics” and hinted that the Republican National Convention could be moved to another state, explosive new comments that leave Senator Tillis caught between the Governor (with sky high approval ratings) he supports and the President he’s too terrified of to cross. 
For weeks, Senator Tillis has applauded Governor Roy Cooper and his approach to reopening – praise that has coincided with poll after poll showing voters trust Cooper more than Trump to handle this crisis. Tillis’ new tone on Cooper comes after Tillis spent more than a year morphing into Trump’s “new best friend in North Carolina.”
Now that Trump has left him caught between the Governor he’s been “repeatedly complimentary” of and the President he’s too weak to stand up to, who does Tillis support? Is Governor Cooper “playing politics” like Trump falsely said? Or does Tillis continue to support Governor Cooper?
The last time Tillis went against Trump, he served as “a wake-up call” for Republicans to not cross Trump. Tillis has already “abandoned the state he represents for the president he thinks he needs” – will he still stick by Trump?
“Senator Tillis is caught between the popular Governor he’s desperately tried to tie himself to and the President he’s too terrified to cross,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “Searching for a life raft, Tillis just got handed an anchor.”