November 12, 2019/Press

After Veterans Day, Tillis Still Can’t Defend Emergency Declaration Flip-Flop That Led to Military Construction Funding Raid

Raleigh – Senator Tillis last week was again forced to defend his disastrous decision to cave to political pressure on the emergency declaration, which cost North Carolina’s military bases $80 million in funding.

As North Carolinians continue to reflect on the service and sacrifices of our veterans this week, a look back at Senator Tillis’ record reveals how he’s failed North Carolina’s military families – starting with his flip-flop on the emergency declaration.

Tillis “humiliated” himself with an “Olympic gold flip flop” on the emergency declaration, writing a Washington Post op-ed before caving to pressure. Tillis’ moved earned consistent bad press across the state:

Tillis’ meekness earned him a primary challenge that “is a lot more competitive than a lot of folks in Washington know” while grassroots conservatives signal that they still don’t trust him. His flip flop caused him to “lose credibility with North Carolina Republicans,” earning him “a competitive GOP primary” from businessman Garland Tucker, who “has the ability to self-fund and could force Tillis to the right in the primary.” Grassroots conservatives booed him at not one but two Trump rallies and say they “don’t like him,” call him “wishy-washy” and “a fair-weather friend,” and reveal, “I won’t be voting for him.”

Tillis’ move jeopardizes $80 million in funding – yet he continues to vote in support of the raid. Tillis voted three separate times to allow the White House to raid $80 million from North Carolina military projects to fund a border wall. PolitiFact cut down every weak argument from Tillis trying to explain away his flip-flop.

Veterans continue to criticize Tillis for his spineless flip-flop. “I served with those warriors and I know that Thom Tillis is no warrior,” one veteran said, while a military spouse asked Tillis, “How can we trust you to fix it if you’re taking money from us actively for a border wall?