November 8, 2019/Press

NEW: President Trump Humiliates Tillis, Says Tillis “Calls All the Time” And Begs for Money

Raleigh – Senator Tillis is locked in a “nasty” Republican primary that’s forcing him to spend millions on TV ads bragging about having the President’s support – yet President Trump can’t stop humiliating him.

Last night, Trump forced Tillis to stand while saying that he “didn’t like me at first” but “you like me now.” Trump then told the room that Senator Tillis now calls “all the time” and begs for money. Tillis reportedly “looked super uncomfortable” by the public humiliation.

The humiliating exchange comes as Tillis desperately tries to cling to Trump for support and resources. Tillis had an “underwhelming” fundraising quarter (his fundraising dropped 37% this summer) and he is now spending more than $2.2 million on ads to fight his nasty Republican primary.

Tillis is now “in lockstep” with President Trump “but he hasn’t always been,” leading to humiliating moments like Tillis’ “Olympic gold flip flop” on the emergency declaration.

As the Fayetteville Observer editorial board recent wrote, Tillis “will at some point have to decide for himself whether Trump’s support was worth what he paid.

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