September 15, 2020/Media, Press

Republican Erin Paré Stoops to Name Calling about a Breast Cancer Survivor

Paré Liked a Facebook Comment Saying Rep. Sydney Batch is an “Evil Person” 


RALEIGH – Erin Paré, Republican Nominee for North Carolina House District 37, has chosen divisive politics over leadership by supporting a comment calling Representative Sydney Batch (HD-37) a “fraud” and saying she is “an evil person” after insinuating that she is not a real cancer survivor, despite being diagnosed with Breast Cancer during her 2018 campaign, and thankfully making a full recovery. A screenshot of the comment can be seen below. 

This is not the first time Republicans have tried to take advantage of Rep. Batch’s battle with cancer. In 2019, Republicans failed more than 10 times to push through a veto-override measure for an extreme anti-abortion bill forcing Rep. Batch to appear for session days after surgery. 

Republican Majority Leader John Bell is scheduled to be a featured guest at a fundraiser for Pare this Thursday. The in-person event is hosted by the commenter referenced above. It is no surprise that Republican leadership supports these types of divisive tactics. 


Rep. Sydney Batch has released the following statement:

“In August 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer while campaigning for the NC House. After my surgery for a mastectomy in September 2018, doctors realized that it had spread and diagnosed me with stage one breast cancer. 

After the election I underwent five weeks of radiation treatment. In May of 2019 I had a second mastectomy. In September of 2019 I had reconstructive surgery. In a matter of one year I had three surgeries and five weeks of radiation treatment. I will also have to take recurrence medication for at least the next five years of my life.

What I have not disclosed previously was that on the last day of session this year, I had to return to my surgical oncologist because of a concern that lesions on my breast were a possible recurrence of cancer. Fortunately, I am fine, but I could not miss that crucial medical appointment. As a public official who is accountable to my constituents, I understand that sharing parts of my personal life is necessary, but I never expected to find myself in a position that has forced me to disclose detailed personal medical information because I have been accused of using my cancer diagnosis for political gain.”


Rep. Darren Jackson, House Democratic Leader has released the following statement: 

“It’s incredibly disappointing but unfortunately not surprising that Erin Paré has chosen to sink to such lows. Rep. Batch has always been focused on making sure that every North Carolinian has access to affordable health care. Instead, Paré continues to show that she is unfit to help lead our community in the House with her dangerous support for harmful health care policies and arming teachers. Now it is clear that she has taken her Trump mimicking too far: she’s supporting name calling about her opponent. Erin Paré should denounce this comment and give a full apology to Representative Batch.”