September 15, 2020/Media, Press

JD Wooten Files Lawsuit Against Amy Galey to Stop Her Lies and Set the Record Straight

After Months of Dark Money Republican Lies, Wooten Stands Up For the Truth

RALEIGH – Today, JD Wooten filed a lawsuit against Amy Galey, the NC Senate Majority Fund, and their Independent Expenditure allies “Citizens for a Better NC Senate” for defamation and violations of NC election law. Amy Galey and her Dark Money allies have spent months conspiring to defame JD Wooten and unlawfully manipulate the election with lies about JD and his use of the veterans benefits he earned through a decade of military service to purchase the home where he lived. 

The complaint, filed today in Guilford County Superior Court, lays out Galey’s unlawful, defamatory lies, which range from deliberately misquoting news sources to outright lies that JD committed a federal crime and then tried to cover it up.  As a veteran, JD earned the privilege of purchasing his home with a loan from a local bank at a competitive mortgage rate after extensive additional screening by the VA.  JD’s private loan from a local bank to purchase the home he lived in did not include any money from the government and had no impact on any other veteran’s ability to purchase their own home.  When he later moved, he did so in total compliance with his VA loan and his agreement with the bank.

Amy Galey and her allies don’t care that JD honorably served our nation and that he used his veterans benefits for their intended purpose. They conspired to falsely accuse him of a federal crime and manipulate an election.  This unlawful behavior cannot be tolerated from elected officials or candidates for public office.  

JD Wooten, Democratic Nominee in Senate District 24, released the following statement after the lawsuit was filed this morning:

“I am disappointed that Ms. Galey has resorted to brazen lies to win an election.  I know we have our policy differences, but I believed she had the integrity and strength of character to focus on the pressing issues facing hard-working North Carolinians.  Instead, she has resorted to an unlawful, defamatory smear campaign to distract from these pressing issues.  We should be focused on restoring North Carolina’s legacy as a leader in public education, ensuring access to affordable healthcare and expanding Medicaid, addressing a global pandemic which has killed more than 3,000 North Carolinians while rebuilding our economy, and fighting for real equality.  We will never be able to heal the divisions in our community and nation as long as we have candidates actively sowing discord and fanning the flames of contempt for one another.  Ms. Galey’s distractions and efforts to divide our community have gone on long enough.  It is time to focus on the issues that actually matter.”

Ryan Deeter, Executive Director of the Senate Democratic Caucus, had this to add:

“The GOP Culture of Corruption has run rampant in the past decade and has shown a flagrant disregard for the truth among the NC GOP. The people of the 24th Senate District deserve to know the truth about the candidates asking for their vote. Here’s the truth: JD Wooten bought his home using VA benefits afforded him after a decade of service, and Amy Galey lied about it. Voters in District 24 deserve to hear the truth from their candidates, but that isn’t what they’re getting from Ms. Galey.  Her distractions and efforts to divide our community have gone on long enough. We will not stand by as Republicans fling blatantly false character attacks, North Carolinians deserve better than Amy Galey.” 

A copy of the complaint can be found HERE. Further information about the ongoing fight against these lies can be found HERE.