October 1, 2020/Media, Press

Perry and Senate Republicans’ Ridiculously Slander Bronze Star Veteran

RALEIGH – Attacking and slandering Veterans has become a standard play for the NC GOP this cycle.

This time, they are spreading a ridiculous conspiracy theory that somehow retired Air Force Colonel Donna Lake voted twice even though her boss at the time wrote a letter about the day in question stating clearly: “I am writing to confirm that Donna Lake was in North Carolina on Nov 3, 2008 through Nov 5, 2008”

“Jim Perry and his friends in Raleigh will say and do anything to avoid talking about how they’ve turned their backs on eastern North Carolina in our current crisis,”  said Ryan Deeter, Executive Director of the NC Senate Democratic Caucus.. “They have underfunded our schools and sided with insurance companies who want to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. I know Perry does whatever his party bosses tell him to do 99% of the time, but attacking a Veteran with two bronze stars like this is gutter politics of the worst kind.”

As the News and Observer article reported, that “in the days leading up to and following the election, Lake had meetings planned in North Carolina.” Col. Lake “also indicated in three emails, on Nov. 1, Nov. 4 and Nov. 5, that she had a ‘surgical follow-up appointment’ in Winston-Salem on Nov. 5,” and hospital paperwork confirms her appointment.

Any logic would indicate it is impossible for Col. Lake to have attended meetings in North Carolina and in been in New York at the same time.

“I served my country in dangerous conflicts around the globe and earned two bronze stars for my service,” said Donna Lake, Democratic Nominee for Senate District 7. “To even suggest that I would dishonor my country or my oath is a shameless attack by a desperate politician who is avoiding talking about his own record about his record—because he is desperate to keep people from knowing exactly how he and his colleagues have left eastern NC behind.”