July 28, 2020/Media, Press

NCDP Statement On Trump’s Broken Promises for People Of Color

Today, as Joe Biden rolls out his agenda for racial equity, North Carolina Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue released the following statement:

“Four years ago, Donald Trump asked African American North Carolinians what we have to lose by voting for him. We knew the answer then and we know it now — we have everything to lose by supporting Donald Trump. 

“Trump has spent his presidency supporting big businesses and wealthy investors over communities of color; undercutting affordable housing opportunities and undermining efforts to reduce racial disparities in education. 

“Now, as coronavirus ravages our communities, Trump has botched the rollout of aid to Black and Latino small business owners, only making things worse. We need to rebuild our communities back even stronger, and that starts with electing Joe Biden as our next president, a leader who has a vision for a stronger, resilient and inclusive economy.” 


Trump bragged that he had “done more for the Black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln,” but his economic policies disproportionately left out people of color.

  • Under Trump’s tax law, the average tax cut received by Black and Latinx households was less than half of the average white household.
  • Trump marked his opportunity zone program as a way to serve underserved communities, but instead the benefits went to wealthy investors and real estate developers, including Trump’s own family members and advisors  [New York Times, 8/31/19].

Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic made the fallout worse, particularly for communities of color in North Carolina who are more impacted by COVID-19.

  • African American and Latinx residents have been three times as likely to contract COVID-19 as white residents, and twice as likely to die.
  • African American and Latinx workers and business owners have suffered disproportionately from the economic fallout from coronavirus — in June, unemployment for Black workers was 15.4%, and unemployment for Latino workers was 14.5%. [New York Times, 7/2/20]

Trump promised to “fix our schools,” ease the burden of student loan debt, and help Latinx and African American youth, but he and Betsy DeVos have undermined efforts to reduce racial disparities in education. 

  • Trump’s FY21 budget would make borrowers pay more of their discretionary income towards loan repayment, while African American students owe more money in student loan debt than any other group. [New York Times, 2/10/20]
  • Trump and Betsy DeVos rolled back Obama-era guidance on school discipline that was designed to protect Black students from racial bias in school discipline.  [Washington Post, 12/21/18]