July 27, 2020/Media, Press

With Trump in North Carolina, Where is Thom Tillis?

Will Tillis join Trump today, or is his no-show a sign that he’s thinking of breaking with the President he’s never missed an opportunity to stand with?

President Trump is in North Carolina today, yet despite previously taking every chance he could to stand next to the President, Senator Tillis has made no announcement that he plans to be with him today.

That’s got us wondering… is Thom Tillis starting to break with President Trump?

Recent weeks have seen a number of Republican defections from Trump. Republicans are “gingerly” distancing themselves amid the President’s failed coronavirus response, shooting down his legislative priorities like the payroll tax cut and breaking with him over wearing a mask in public and listening to health experts.

Senator Tillis, however, has shown no spine. As an editorial in his hometown paper today stated, Tillis “was too timid for too long” on the coronavirus response because “doing so would have run contrary to the message coming from President Trump.” Had Tillis bucked the President earlier, “COVID-19’s spread might look very different today.”

Tillis has desperately hugged Trump at every opportunity since he humiliated himself flip-flopping on the emergency declaration. And as recent polls show, he still has a lot of room to make up with Trump voters.

“Where is Senator Tillis? If he’s a no-show with President Trump today, is that a sign he’s starting to buck Trump, or will he continue to stick with the sinking ship?,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “We know he’s ‘off the radar’ when it comes to addressing coronavirus or working to expand health care during a pandemic. So where is he? While Senator Tillis keeps trying – and failing – to walk this tightrope, North Carolinians know he is too weak to meaningfully buck the president and stand up for our state.”