September 2, 2020/Media, Press

NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin, NC Nurse Cozzie Watkins Call on Tillis to Suspend In-Person Events

Tillis was caught without a mask at last week’s RNC event that did not follow COVID precautions, and has several in-person events this week

North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin and North Carolina nurse Cozzie Watkins today called on Senator Tillis to suspend in-person events until receiving a negative coronavirus test after being caught last week not wearing a mask at the White House Republican National Convention event:

“Last week, President Trump and the Republican Party held a massive, in-person event with no social distancing, no mask requirement, and no testing beforehand. In the middle of that crowd sat Senator Tillis, without a mask on and shoulder to shoulder with no social distancing. It was hypocritical and shameful but not shocking — Senator Tillis has always said one thing and done another, which is exactly why people across the state don’t trust him.

“At the same time, Senator Tillis has restarted in-person campaigning, even after attending last week’s event, and has several events this week. Senator Tillis must be clear with North Carolinians to protect their health. Has he already taken a coronavirus test? Has he gotten a negative result? If not, why is he pushing forward with in-person campaign events that may put North Carolinians at risk?

“Senator Tillis talks a big game that we should listen to public health officials but is not following those same guidelines himself. He must immediately pull down his in-person campaign events until he receives a negative coronavirus test and be honest with North Carolinians to protect their health and safety.”