September 24, 2020/Media, Press

NC House Dems Statement on State Board of Elections Resignations

RALEIGH – Following the resignations of two State Board of Elections members last night after having voted for a compromise response to our unprecedented era, North Carolina House Democratic Leader Darren Jackson has released the following statement:

“The Republican tirade against voting rights has reached an unconscionable level. Tim Moore and North Carolina Republicans have made it their mission to unravel voting rights for decades but undermining the legitimacy of our elections sinks to a new low.  This proves once again that the North Carolina Republican Party has forgone any semblance of patriotism or respect for our democracy. With 40 days until the election, they have resorted to lying and sowing distrust in our electoral process all to cling to power. Every North Carolinian of conscience should be deeply disturbed by this partisan attack on our democracy and its inevitable impact on our state.”