May 23, 2022/Media, Press

NC Democrats Slam NC GOP for Pushing Extreme MAGA Agenda at State Convention

This weekend, the North Carolina Republican Party signaled their support of the GOP’s MAGA agenda by hosting National Republican Senate Campaign Chair Rick Scott as the keynote speaker at their State Convention in Greensboro. 

By hosting Scott, North Carolina Republicans signed on to a plan that could raise taxes on nearly 40 percent of North Carolinians and sunset Social Security and Medicare, which over four million North Carolinians rely on. U.S. Senate candidate Ted Budd has said he “agreed with the major points” of the plan. 

Take a look at what North Carolina voters watched ahead of Senator Scott’s ultra MAGA speech at the NC GOP convention:

“The keynote speaker is Florida Senator Rick Scott. He recently unveiled a plan to raise taxes on the working class and proposed changes to Medicare and Social Security if Republicans take back control of Congress… Bobbie Richardson, who chairs the North Carolina Democratic Party, linked GOP Senate candidate Ted Budd to Senator Scott’s plan.”