May 23, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: Op-ed: Why GOP nominee Ted Budd is wrong for North Carolina in the US Senate

Following last week’s primary election, voters are continuing to read about how Washington insider Ted Budd is wrong for our state, including his support for tax breaks for big corporations and oil companies that are making record profits, while backing plans that would make middle class families pay higher taxes and higher health care costs.

Read more from North Carolina Democratic Party Chair in the Charlotte Post: 

Charlotte Post: Why GOP nominee Ted Budd is wrong for North Carolina in the US Senate

By Bobbie Richardson – May 23, 2022

  • In Tuesday’s primary election, North Carolina Republicans declared Congressman Ted Budd, a Washington insider who has consistently put his own interests ahead of our own, their U.S. Senate nominee.
  • After being dragged over the finish line by almost $15 million in special interests trying to buy the election from voters, Budd represents the exact opposite of what Charlotte and North Carolina is looking for in their next U.S. senator.
  • Throughout his time in Congress, he has continually added to the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington, D.C. and if given the undeserved promotion to U.S. senator, he will continue to put North Carolina last.  
  • While North Carolinians continue to struggle with the rising costs of everyday necessities, Ted Budd has supported tax breaks for big corporations and oil companies already making record profits off the backs of working people. Instead of using the power of his office to find solutions and lower costs for families, he’s making it clear that he’s in the business of making wealthy corporations wealthier, while middle class North Carolinians’ pocketbooks pay the price.
  • On top of that, he would support raising taxes on the middle class. Budd recently revealed that he “agreed with the major points” of Senate Republicans’ plan that would raise taxes on 40% of North Carolinians. That would mean an average of almost $1,500 less in families’ pockets each year. North Carolinians simply cannot afford that.
  • When it came to addressing the supply chain shortages and inflation, creating the good-paying jobs of the future, and expanding opportunities for North Carolinians through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Ted Budd voted against that, too – even with  both of North Carolina’s Republican Senators voting for it. He opposed improvements to North Carolina highways, bridges and public transportation, and opportunities to create good-paying jobs for people in this state.
  • That is just the beginning of why Budd and his agenda is wrong for North Carolina. And in November, North Carolinians will reject it.
  • This fall, we have the opportunity to send Cheri Beasley to the U.S. Senate. In the Senate, she’ll put North Carolina first and bring with her the values of hard work, integrity and justice that have guided her life. She will not only make history as the first Black woman elected to represent North Carolina in the Senate, she will represent a new kind of leadership for our state – one focused on putting the people first and standing up for what’s right – no matter the politics.
  • In 2022, the stakes could not be higher. Charlotte, we must fight to ensure all families and working people in North Carolina have the opportunities to live a healthy and prosperous life. We must fight to elect leaders who lead with integrity, put the people first, and stand for what’s right.  We must unite against Ted Budd this November and send Cheri Beasley to the U.S. Senate.