February 14, 2022/Media, Press

Reps. Murphy and Rouzer Owe Their Constituents An Explanation

After repeating the same tired talking points and railing against inflation, Representatives Greg Murphy (NC-03) and David Rouzer (NC-07) have done nothing to improve supply chain issues.

In fact, when given the opportunity to vote for the $14 billion included in President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to strengthen North Carolina’s ports and waterway supply chains – like the Port of Morehead City and Port of Wilmington – the two North Carolina Republicans opposed the critical funding for their districts.

“While President Biden and Democrats passed legislation like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to address inflation and lower costs for North Carolina families, Republicans like Greg Murphy and David Rouzer seem content doing absolutely nothing. They owe their constituents answers for opposing this critical funding,” said NCDP Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty.