February 14, 2022/Media, Press

#NCSEN GOP Candidates Divided On RNC Censure

New reporting from the News & Observer highlights the divide among candidates in the North Carolina GOP Senate primary on the RNC’s characterization of the insurrection as “legitimate political discourse,” and their decision to censure Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger for participating in the Jan. 6 investigative committee. As Trump and McConnell’s feuding intensifies over the Republican Party’s future, it’s clear that Budd and McCrory are caught in the crossfire. 

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News & Observer: NC’s Rep. Ted Budd: Jan. 6 committee is in the way of ‘freedom-loving Americans’

  • U.S. Rep. Ted Budd called his House colleagues Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger “divisive” Wednesday and said their work on the Jan. 6 committee is getting in the way of “freedom-loving Americans.” 
  • …they don’t all agree with what Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said about Jan. 6, which Budd was asked about on Wednesday. 
  • Walker said he doesn’t agree with McConnell’s assessment, adding: “I don’t mind telling you that.” Walker said he also found it interesting that McCrory released a video Thursday aligning himself with McConnell. 
  • “I want to compliment Mitch McConnell,” McCrory said in the video. “He was right to call out our own party leaders for not being clear and concise about what we mean by ‘legitimate political discourse.’” 
  • Senate candidates also had differing opinions when it comes to the censuring of Kinzinger and Cheney. “I’ve been clear that Leader McConnell did the right thing by standing up to the RNC and condemning political violence,” McCrory wrote to The N&O Friday. “Why is Congressman Budd refusing to support Mitch McConnell for leader?”
  • McCrory added that Budd is out of touch with voters. 
  • Jonathan Felts, senior advisor for Budd’s campaign, disagreed with McCrory. “Governor Pat McCrory might support Speaker Nancy Pelosi getting to hand-select which Republicans can and can’t serve on congressional committees, but Ted Budd does not,” Felts said. “Speaker Pelosi made it clear that her Jan. 6 committee is a sham and a partisan witch hunt when she kicked the conservative Republicans off of the committee.”