February 14, 2022/Media, Press

No Love Lost In #NCSEN GOP Primary

Despite the Valentine’s Day spirit, Budd, McCrory, and Walker are making it clear that there is no love lost between them. 

Catch up on the latest nasty infighting in the NC GOP Senate primary: 

  • Club for Growth is out with a new Bachelor-themed ad attacking Pat McCrory and depicting him as a liberal lover. The group is also sending out a mailer tying McCrory to “Never-Trumper” Mitt Romney, yet another sign that the primary is bound to get more and more expensive.
  • McCrory and Walker have been attacking Budd for “hiding from the shadows of his DC special interests” and tweeting “#LetTedTalk” after his campaign has avoided forums and announced that they wouldn’t be attending the first televised debate at the end of the month.
  • The Budd campaign never misses out on an opportunity to attack Pat McCrory. Last week, they used an endorsement announcement to highlight that McCrory “has been endorsed by nobody for US Senate.”

“While we wait to see which GOP candidate gets Republican voters’ final rose, it’s becoming increasingly clear that flowers and chocolate won’t mend these thorny relationships,” said NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder.