October 20, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Mayor Lyles, Sen. Mohammed and NCDP Chair Richardson Hold Charlotte Press Conference As Part of NC Democrats’ Tour to Highlight Help for Working People, Despite GOP’s Opposition

The North Carolina Democratic Party’s five-day press tour is reaching voters across the state to localize President Biden and Democrats’ work over the last nine months to deliver for North Carolina’s working class and hold Republicans accountable for their opposition

Today, Mayor Lyles, Sen. Mohammed and NCDP Chair Richardson held a press conference in Charlotte as the third event of a five-day, across the state tour touting President Biden and Democrats’ investment in working families in the Queen City, despite Republican obstructionism. 

While President Biden and Democrats have been hard at work over the past nine months passing the American Rescue Plan and finishing work on passing the Build Back Better agenda, historic investments that will create jobs, cut costs for working families and keep the economic recovery going, the GOP have stood in the way and continue to prove time and again that there is no opportunity to help North Carolinians that trumps their singular goal of obstruction for political gain. If Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, or Mark Walker were in the U.S. Senate, North Carolinians can count on more of the same.

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“The American Rescue Plan is a transformative package that has protected families from COVID-19, protected our workforce from the economic effects of the pandemic, and perhaps most importantly, is helping to cut child poverty in half and will lift nearly 12 million people out of poverty. As the child of a domestic worker who cleaned houses just so we could scrape by, I cannot express how important that is for the future of our children, and the future of our country. The Build Back Better Agenda will continue to build on progress President Biden and Democrats have already made for North Carolinians,” said Congresswoman Alma Adams.

“President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan delivered the resources Charlotte and our surrounding communities needed to get back on track on the pathway out of the pandemic. By providing Charlotte with funding to ramp up our testing and vaccination program, essential workers were able to go to work safely, schools reopened and small businesses are starting to get back on track,” said Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles

“I have spent my entire legal and public service career advocating for our children and working families only a few blocks from here at our courthouse. I have witnessed the consequences of our unwillingness to invest in our children and their families. Too often that means our kids are pushed out of classrooms and into jail cells. President Biden and Democrats’ Build Back Better Agenda can and will change that. From an extension of the child tax credits, to paid leave to care for our children or a family member, to universal pre-k for every child. That means we can finally tell every child in North Carolina that you are worth it. You Matter. We are not giving up on you.” said State Senator Mujtaba Mohammed. 

“North Carolinians deserve answers on why Republican lawmakers and candidates are standing unified in opposition to a historic investment to create more jobs, cut taxes, and lower costs for families. If you are not in the halls of Congress to help people, what are you there to do? Come next November, North Carolina voters will hold every last Republican accountable for throwing sand in the gears and standing in the way of policies that are critically important to our country,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson.