October 21, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Mayor Manheimer, Rep. Turner and NCDP Chair Richardson Hold Asheville Press Conference As Part of NC Democrats’ Tour to Highlight Help for Working People, Despite GOP’s Opposition

The North Carolina Democratic Party’s five-day press tour is reaching voters across the state to localize President Biden and Democrats’ work over the last nine months to deliver for North Carolina’s working class and hold Republicans accountable for their opposition

Today, Mayor Esther Manheimer, Rep. Brian Turner and NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson held a press conference in Asheville as the fourth event of a five-day, across the state tour touting President Biden and Democrats’ investment in working families in Asheville, despite Republican obstructionism. 

While President Biden and Democrats have been hard at work over the past nine months passing the American Rescue Plan and finishing work on passing the Build Back Better agenda, historic investments that will create jobs, cut costs for working families and keep the economic recovery going, the GOP have stood in the way and continue to prove time and again that there is no opportunity to help North Carolinians that trumps their singular goal of obstruction for political gain. If Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, or Mark Walker were in the U.S. Senate, North Carolinians can count on more of the same.

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“In North Carolina’s Eleventh Congressional District, home to Asheville, an estimated 79,000 families received the expanded Child Tax Credit in August. These monthly tax cuts, which were included in President Biden and Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, started going out in July and provide payments of $300 to the families for each child under 6 years old and $250 to the families for each child between ages 6 and 17. With the help of the expanded Child Tax Credit, families in Asheville were able to pay the rent they got behind on and afford groceries, helping to put a roof over our communities’ kids’ heads and keeping them healthy and fed,” said Mayor Manheimer.

“Since the start of the pandemic my office has seen a massive jump in folks reaching out for help navigating unemployment, keeping their small businesses open, and needing support for basic things like childcare and transportation. Thankfully, President Biden and Democratic Leaders in Congress passed the American Rescue Plan which has been critical to getting North Carolina back on track through investing in the middle class so North Carolina families can begin to breathe a sigh of relief.” said Representative Brian Turner. 

“When Republicans had the opportunity early this year to work with Democrats to pass a critical relief bill, they instead stood unified in opposition to checks in the bank for American families, aid to small businesses, and money to safely reopen schools. And now, they refuse to come to the table to work on an economic recovery and investment in our future,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson.