August 26, 2020/Media, Press

David Lewis’ Guilty Plea Latest Case of NCGOP Culture of Corruption

NC Republican Culture of Corruption Runs Rampant as Yet Another High Ranking Member Pleads Guilty 


RALEIGH – Today, Former Rep. David Lewis, trusted advisor to Speaker Tim Moore, pled guilty to federal charges stemming from a “scheme to funnel thousands of dollars in donor money” for personal use. Prior to his plea, Lewis was most noted for his role in voter suppression schemes that the Supreme Court upheld were meant to “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.”

Lewis’s crimes are just the latest in a long history of corruption in the NC GOP, which includes putting cronies on ‘no work necessary’ payroll, gerrymandering quid-pro-quo, election fraud, general nepotism and some sweetheart deals, campaign finance fraud and of course eagerly allowing themselves to be bought and sold by lobbyists. Frankly, there are more examples then we could ever hope to list here. 

North Carolina House Caucus Executive Director Dana Walton has released the following statement:

“At this point the House GOP is steps from being a criminal organization intent on grifting as much from everyday North Carolinians as possible. Speaker Moore and the NC GOP have no delusions in how they are running their operation, it’s all for me and mine and none for North Carolinains. Our state cannot take any more of this culture of corrupt Republican control.”