November 6, 2021/Media, Press

KEY VOTE ALERT: Rep. Ted Budd Votes Against Job-Creating Bill For North Carolina As Every GOP #NCSEN Candidate Opposes Deal

Tonight, Congressman Ted Budd voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill which would secure critical funding for our infrastructure across North Carolina, create good-paying jobs, and strengthen American competitiveness. NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder issued the following statement: 

“President Biden and Democrats have delivered an infrastructure plan that will create millions of good-paying jobs, help American businesses grow by investing in our country’s infrastructure, and get folks back to work. Meanwhile, Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, and Mark Walker are focused on obstruction and blocking progress on legislation that will allow our country to compete in a global market with countries like China, repair North Carolina roads and bridges, get high-speed internet to more households, and help grow jobs at home.”

Despite Senators Tillis and Burr previously voting yes on the deal, the entire Republican U.S. Senate field is against it:

  • Mark Walker praised the 33 Republicans who tried to prevent consideration of the infrastructure plan and had the audacity to say it is because he is worried about the debt, despite previously voting to add nearly $2 trillion to the national debt in order to give a massive tax cut to billionaires and special interests.  
  • Ted Budd is against the plan which would help expand internet access to the at least 424,000 North Carolinians who currently lack it. 
  • Pat McCrory apparently doesn’t think that “positive[s]” from the bill like repairing roads and bridges, expanding broadband, and creating jobs are worth supporting.