October 13, 2021/Media, Press

5 Days 5 Ways: Funding A Sound Basic Education Helps North Carolina School Equity

Every North Carolina child, from the mountains to the coast, should be able to get a good education no matter their zip code. If North Carolina’s legislature complies with the court order to fully fund a sound basic education, all schools would receive the funding necessary to ensure that they have needed resources to be drivers of equity and opportunity.

“It is not enough for just some North Carolina students to receive a high-quality education,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson. “By investing in our workforce of tomorrow we will attract new economic investments and ensure our students are prepared to propel our state forward.” 

By fully funding a sound basic education, North Carolina school boards would be able to transfer funds between categories to best meet their schools’ needs. In addition, there would be increased funding for students with disabilities, schools in low-wealth counties, and funding for support staff.