December 17, 2021/Media, Press

2021 Highlights From The Nasty GOP #NCSEN Primary

As we go on, we’ll remember…all the messy times that Republican U.S. Senate candidates had together this year. From an early Trump endorsement that sent the field spiraling, to expensive, negative attacks ads flooding mailboxes and the airwaves, and countless personal attacks, the GOP primary has been a nasty fight. And there’s still five months to go. Take a look back at some of the bitter infighting between the primary rivals in North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race:

TRUMP TAILSPIN: Trump’s early endorsement of Congressman Ted Budd shot the primary out of a cannon, unleashing the first round of GOP infighting and “frustration.” 


ATTACKS ON THE AIRWAVES: North Carolina voters’ televisions, radios, and mailboxes have been filled with negative attack ads throughout the chaotic primary cycle. 

  • Club for Growth has pledged to spend millions in the race, releasing television ads calling McCrory a “fool” for providing economic incentives to a Chinese-owned company when he was Governor, highlighting McCrory’s losing record, crediting his gubernatorial loss to his comments “publicly trashing” former President Trump and calling McCrory a “disloyal, liberal, loser.” Most recently, they sent out a “hit job” of a mailer, slamming the former governor for past ethical and corruption allegations.

PERSONAL ATTACKS FLY: The candidates have consistently attacked each other on their political career