April 29, 2020/Press

REALITY CHECK: Senator Tillis Takes Credit for Hospital Relief When He Voted Twice To Give Hospitals Less Money

Senator Tillis is out with a new digital ad today touting relief money for North Carolina’s hospitals, even though he voted not once but twice for less money for our state’s hospitals and medical providers.

Under the original plan that Tillis voted for twice, hospitals and providers would have received $55 billion less nationwide. The final plan, which Senator Tillis is now touting in today’s ad, includes $130 billion in relief for hospitals because Senate Democrats insisted on additional relief. Among the $130 billion nationwide is $919 million for North Carolina, yet our state could have ended up with less had Tillis gotten his way.

That’s not all that’s misleading about Senator Tillis’ new digital ad.

The Paycheck Protection Plan that Senator Tillis is touting has been rife with issues – giant corporations like Ruth’s Chris and the Los Angeles Lakers received funds while some North Carolina small businesses were left “without seeing a penny.

Several lawsuits charge that Senator Tillis’ Wall Street campaign donors “prioritized” sending PPE support to big corporations in order to maximize loan-origination fees and their own profits, even though just 22% of North Carolina companies with less than 5,000 employees got loans.

“Senator Tillis voted not once but twice for a plan that included far less support for North Carolina’s hospitals. Now he’s trying to take a victory lap,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “Instead of misleading his constituents, Senator Tillis should explain why he voted multiple times for less support for North Carolina’s hospitals, and why he will never stand up to this administration’s failed response to the current pandemic.”