August 24, 2021/Media, Press

Rep. Ted Budd Votes Against Moving Forward On Build Back Better Budget Resolution & Job-Creating Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

In response to the U.S. House vote to move forward on the Build Back Better budget and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder released the following statement: 

“Congressman Ted Budd once again put his political interests ahead of North Carolinians by voting against even considering legislation that would lower health care costs, extend tax cuts for families, create jobs, repair critical infrastructure like roads and bridges, and expand access to high-speed internet. Every single GOP U.S. Senate candidate will have to explain to North Carolina voters why they are choosing politics and obstruction over delivering results for the people of North Carolina.” 

Here’s exactly what Congressman Ted Budd, former Governor Pat McCrory, and former Congressman Mark Walker are against for North Carolinians by opposing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal:

  • $7.2B for highway programs
  • $457 million for bridge replacement and repairs 
  • $911M to improve public transit options
  • $109M over the next five years to expand an EV charging network
  • $100M to provide broadband coverage to help at the least 424,000 North Carolina residents who lack access