July 1, 2020/Press

North Carolina House Democrats Raise More Than a Million Dollars in 2020

In 2020, The North Carolina House Democratic Caucus has already raised over $1 million directly into the caucus and will be reporting over $1.1 million on hand, setting another historic record for House Democratic Caucus fundraising.

This announcement comes just days after the House Caucus launched its inaugural Day of Giving on June 25 – setting a single day fundraising record.

The House Caucus had an average online donation of $54.01 in 2020. Despite the restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic, 95 percent of Democratic Candidates in the most competitive races have raised more than $100,000 this cycle and 96 percent hold more than $100,000 cash on hand. 

The North Carolina House  Democratic Caucus is working to flip six Republicans held seats to retake the chamber majority this November. Dana Walton, NC House Democratic Caucus Executive Director and Amanda Eubanks, House Caucus Deputy Director have released the following statement: 

“With so much on the line in this critical election cycle North Carolina Democrats continue  to work hard and show up for the people of the Tarheel state, despite the partisan games the GOP continue to play. Just last week they blocked $50 million in grants for small businesses, denied the extension of legal mask-wearing during a pandemic, and once again refused to expand Medicaid when over half a million hardworking North Carolinians need it now more than ever. Our momentum is undeniable, supporters across the state and political spectrum are coming together and, despite what is thrown at us, we are confident the voters will be with us in November.”