July 1, 2020/Press

NC Senate Democrats Introduce Legislation to Ensure Timely Special Elections for U.S. Senate Vacancies

Today, North Carolina Senate Democrats Jay Chaudhuri (D-15) and Wiley Nickel (D-16) held a press call today about Senate Bill 868 and the importance of ensuring North Carolina U.S. Senate vacancies are filled in a democratic manner.

“Under current law, appointed US Senators could serve for more than two years before facing voters at the ballot box,” said Senator Jay Chaudhuri, Democratic Whip and primary sponsor of SB 868. “In the case of a Senate vacancy, the people of North Carolina must be allowed the opportunity to elect a new representative.”

This legislation would change the current U.S. Senate vacancy laws to ensure that any special election to fill a vacant seat must be held less than 180 days after its vacancy. Requiring this deadline, ensures that appointed candidates cannot hold the seat for multiple years and prioritizes the voice and vote of North Carolinians.

“Our democracy is at its strongest when we vote, and it is our duty, as elected officials and North Carolinians, to uphold the principles of our democracy,” said Senator Wiley Nickel, primary sponsor of SB 868. “North Carolinians should always hold the power to pick their representatives. Elected representatives should be just that, elected.”

The full audio can be found HERE