December 17, 2019/Press

NEW: Tillis Fails to Secure “Backfill” Funding for $80 Million Raid on NC Military Bases Despite Repeatedly Saying He Would Deliver

Raleigh – According to newly released details, Senator Tillis has failed to secure funding to “backfill” the $80 million raided from North Carolina’s military bases despite repeated promises that he has “taken action” to re-allocate additional funding.

Senator Tillis voted three times to enable $80 million to be raided from North Carolina’s military bases, justifying his decision by repeatedly saying that he worked to backfill the money:

  • In an op-ed for the News & Record, Tillis said that he has “taken action” to secure the additional funding. “The liberal media also neglect to mention that none of the remaining projects are set to begin until 2020, which means Congress has plenty of time to re-allocate funding. I’ve taken action to do just that.”
  • In his interview launching his re-election campaign with WRAL, Tillis said, “I’ve worked with the Department of Defense, I believe that the language that we put in to the National Defense Authorization backfills all of that.”
  • Tillis also told HuffPost that the money would be backfilled, saying, “It’s not like we’re talking about it still being at risk.”

Tillis’ “Olympic gold flip flop” on the emergency declaration was “one of the senator’s weakest moments.” Tillis “meekly acquiesced in the money grab,” shredding his integrity, independence, and credibility in the process and leaving military spouses asking, “How can we trust you?”:

“Senator Tillis failed our military communities when he repeatedly voted to allow an $80 million raid on our military bases, and he is failing them again this week,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “This is yet another example of why North Carolinians simply can’t trust Senator Tillis, a weak Washington politician who repeatedly promised to backfill the money but can’t be counted on to deliver for our state.”