September 25, 2019/Press

NCDP Statement on Tillis Vote to Allow $80 Million Raid from NC Bases

Raleigh – North Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Robert Howard released the following statement after Senator Tillis voted for a second time to allow the Trump administration to raid $80 million from North Carolina’s military bases:

“North Carolina needs a Senator fighting for us, but Senator Tillis has lost his spine and just caved again to political pressure from his party leaders in Washington. The military has warned that raiding this critical funding from military construction projects will create new national security risks and lead to dire outcomes, but Senator Tillis is more concerned with surviving his expensive and divisive primary than representing his constituents. Senator Tillis is a weak-kneed Washington politician who has time and time again meekly put his own political survival ahead of what’s best for our state, and military families in North Carolina will pay the price for his spinelessness.”

Read more about how Senator Tillis’ spinelessness is playing out in state: