June 9, 2020/Press

NCDP Offers To Begin Negotiations with Field Staff on Union Representation

The North Carolina Democratic Party announced today that it is willing to recognize and negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with its field organizers under the Campaign Workers Guild (CWG). The Party has confirmed it is willing to voluntarily recognize a bargaining unit composed of non-management organizing employees and will immediately begin negotiations on a contract.

NCPD Executive Director Meredith Cuomo issued the following the statement:

“As one of the only state parties to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with our field organizers in 2018, the NCDP is eager to do so again this year. We fully recognize how important organized labor is to our country and strongly believe that workers should have the right to join a union and bargain collectively. We’re excited to take this step in ensuring that our field organizers have that same opportunity and we look forward to beginning negotiations with the CWG.” 

After receiving initial communications from several different unions in May, on Friday, June 5, the CWG sent the NCDP authorization cards signed by a majority of the Party’s field organizing staff, allowing the NCDP to confirm that the majority of non-management organizers had authorized the CWG to represent them in negotiating a collective bargaining agreement.

Since receiving the authorization cards, the NCDP has proposed to the CWG that the first negotiating session be held next week.