October 21, 2019/Press

Lara Trump Can’t Fool North Carolina Women

Raleigh – Today, while Lara Trump and Brad Parscale attempt to sell North Carolina women on Trump’s failing presidency, the North Carolina Democratic Party is highlighting his record of broken promises.

The truth is Donald Trump has turned his back on women and failed to deliver on the issues they care about at every turn:

  • Trump’s efforts to destroy the Affordable Care Act could leave 503,000 North Carolinians without coverage and return us to the days when insurance companies could charge women more while not covering essential services like maternity care.
  • Trump has repeatedly lied about his tax scam, calling it “the biggest tax cut of anybody by far” and claiming “the middle class is getting the biggest part of it.” Yet the richest 5% of North Carolina taxpayers will receive 53% of the tax cuts this year.

North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Meredith Cuomo released the following statement:

“North Carolina women have caught on to the countless lies and broken promises of this president and his cruel administration – from his attacks on women’s health care and their reproductive rights, to his economic policies that benefit the very rich while leaving hardworking women and their families behind. Lara Trump’s visit to state will do nothing to stop her father-in-law’s free falling approval ratings and nothing to stop North Carolina women from voting him out next November.”