July 8, 2020/Press

ICYMI: Adams, Ross, Manning Slam Trump Administration’s Failed Coronavirus Response

On a call with reporters on Wednesday morning, Rep. Alma Adams joined Democratic congressional candidates Deborah Ross (NC-2) and Kathy Manning (NC-6) in slamming President Trump’s fumbled response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The call took place just as new details have emerged on how federal tax dollars distributed by the Trump administration for coronavirus relief flowed to companies with ties to the president as well as larger companies owned by people including Floyd Mayweather and Tom Brady. Meanwhile, North Carolina’s unemployment rate remains at almost 13 percent, higher than the national unemployment rate.

Adams, Ross and Manning discussed policies that would support working families facing the economic crisis including passing the HEROES Act, making investments to expand broadband access and delivering middle class tax cuts, among others.


Representative Alma Adams (NC-12)

  • Unfortunately, Donald Trump hasn’t risen to the challenge, and the human cost is undeniable … The Trump administration’s approach to COVID-19 is ‘No Lives Matter.’
  • We need a leader who would take this crisis seriously — that wasn’t Donald Trump.
  • I watched friends and loved ones pass away during this crisis, as most of you have, and at this time, we need a leader who could understand our grief, who was capable of empathy and human connection and the values that should drive our response. But that wasn’t Donald Trump.
  • We need a leader who knows we can’t fail in our duty to our neighbors across all walks of life — who knew that boundless compassion is what we owe to each other at this time, and one who would inspire the Senate to pass bills like the HEROES Act to support our struggling neighbors, but of course, that was not Donald Trump.
  • The HEROES Act included many legislative priorities that I’ve been working on. I’m continuing to work on bipartisan legislation that will help us recover from COVID-19.
Deborah Ross, Candidate for NC-2
  • We absolutely have to get this virus under control, but the President has been the worst enemy of people who want to get this virus under control.
  • He has not modeled good behavior; he has asked as if wearing a face mask is something that is unpatriotic; and frankly, he has encouraged states to reopen too quickly.
  • Here in Wake County, I have talked to a lot of small business owners who are struggling, who weren’t eligible for the first PPP loans and are wondering whether they can open again.
  • The other thing [President Trump] has failed to do is lead and influence the Senate. I’ve talked to local governments all across Wake County … and they are simply not getting the tax dollars they need to provide essential services at the local level. The HEROES Act would do that.
  • Broadband is an essential utility; you cannot tell kids that they have to do distance learning if they don’t have access to broadband — it’s essentially denying them an education. And right now, people cannot get the healthcare that they need if they don’t have access to telehealth. We have got to pass bills like the ones that the House has put forward.
Kathy Manning, Candidate for NC-6
  • President Trump has shown no interest or no ability necessary to lead our nation through this crisis, and as a result, more than 130,000 Americans have died.
  • The President has failed to lead a national effort for the production and distribution of PPE, for testing and contact tracing, and he has wilfully refused to wear a mask or practice social distancing.
  • In addition to the loss of life, the pandemic has exacerbated issues of food insecurity and inequities in our school systems and our healthcare systems.
  • The House has proposed a massive infrastructure bill that would include significant funding for broadband expansion; unfortunately, this is sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk, so there’s little hope of getting the Senate to move forward with the kind of infrastructure bill that would help get so many of our kids able to do the distance learning they need to keep up during this pandemic.”
The full video from the press conference is available HERE.