May 20, 2020/Press

Folwell’s Pattern of Carelessness Stretches Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

Last week it was reported that the company handpicked by State Treasurer Dale Folwell for government testing contracts had inaccurately described tens of thousands of its own COVID-19 tests.

Mako, the company chosen by Folwell, claimed to offer COVID-19 “immunity tests” despite the fact that the FDA had made it clear that the presence of antibodies in a person does not necessarily indicate immunity from the virus. Folwell’s personal connection with the company, particularly with sales representative Grant Fitzgerald, seems to have been a factor in the irresponsible decision as he did not speak with other companies before offering Mako the contract. 

While this kind of irresponsibility amid a global pandemic is stunning, it’s not out of character for Folwell. In fact, this is just the latest in a long list of careless decisions he’s made that have put the financial well being of thousands of North Carolinians in jeopardy. Let’s look back at some of the others: 

A long-time partisan legislator, since becoming State Treasurer Folwell has been shredding the credibility and effectiveness of a department that has long drawn bipartisan praise. 

Folwell’s tenure as State Treasurer, as well as his work before, shows a pattern of carelessness that has caused lasting damage to state employees’ health care and pensions and put North Carolinians at risk. Making decisions that affect the health of millions of North Carolinians based on ideology and personal ties fits right in with Folwell’s history of reckless and irresponsible choices.