June 4, 2020/Press

Does Tillis “Agree” with Mattis or Will He Not “Get in Between” Trump & Him?

Senator Tillis yesterday gave contradictory statements on General Mattis’ scorching critique of President Trump, at first seeming to agree with Mattis that President Trump “does not try to unite the American people” and “tries to divide us” before apparently walking it back.

Here’s Tillis’ first statement:

  • “They’ve had a little bit of history of differences. But I have a lot of respect for Gen. Mattis. I respect his opinion. I agree with most of them.”

And here’s Tillis again:

  • “They’ve got a little bit of a history on disagreements. So I’m not going to get in between a former secretary I have tremendous respect for and the president. That’s something for them to settle.”

Tillis’ contradictory statements leave us wondering, which is it? Does Tillis “agree with most of” Mattis’ blistering critique or is he “not going to get in between” Mattis and Trump?

Senator Tillis has repeatedly refused to show any sort of spine and stand up to the President’s worst behavior. Earlier this week, after his hometown paper asked if Tillis can “rise to the moment this time” after the president tear gassed peaceful protestors, Tillis “sidestepped” the issue. He refused to “disavow” the president’s comments that people should drink bleach, or criticize the president for not wearing a mask while criticizing others.

Trump’s attack on Senator Lisa Murkowski for speaking out shows why – he’s terrified of crossing Trump, even if it means enabling the president’s dangerous crackdowns and abuses.

“Which is it? Does Tillis agree with Mattis or will he once again show no spine and refuse to criticize the president?,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “If we’ve learned anything from the past year, Senator Tillis will again meekly refuse to stand up to the president’s worst abuses and again choose his reelection over doing what’s right.”