August 24, 2020/Media

Will Senator Tillis Call On His Own Party To Uphold Safety Standards & Wear Masks At The Convention?

Despite North Carolina’s mask mandate and convention leaders agreeing to enforce the safety protocol, many Republican National Convention attendees were seen not wearing masks, congregating in groups, and shaking each other’s hands during today’s programming. Mecklenburg Public Health Director Gibbie Harris even publicly chided the RNC over its lack of masks.

Senator Tillis has been outspoken about the need for people to wear masks when it helped him distance himself from the administration’s failed response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Will he speak out against attendees not wearing masks at his own party’s convention? 

Tillis has routinely enabled the administration, even as it delayed action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He couldn’t even stand up to the president when he suggested that bleach might cure the coronavirus.

“Even as public health officials have urged Republicans to change their behavior and that the convention could lead to further spread of the virus, Senator Tillis remains silent,” NCDP spokesman Robert Howard said. “When will Senator Tillis stand up to his own party and hold them to the same standard he holds others to? His subservience is not only threatening his own re-election, but now it’s putting North Carolinians lives at risk.”