May 4, 2023/Media

Why Doesn’t Mark Robinson Want To Talk About Abortion Anymore?

February: “If I had all the power right now…we could pass a bill saying you can’t have an abortion in North Carolina for any reason.”

Today:  “I’m not interested in talking about abortion anymore.”

As legislators in North Carolina fasttrack an extreme abortion ban this week, North Carolina’s loudest advocate for banning abortion suddenly doesn’t want to talk about it. Robinson has “declined to say” if he would support the legislation and now claims that he’s “tired” and “not interested.” 

Make no mistake – Robinson’s position hasn’t changed. He just knows how deeply unpopular his extreme and dangerous views are for North Carolina voters. 

Robinson supports banning abortion “in all cases” and called for imposing “dire consequences” on abortion providers. He has called abortion “murder” and said that when a woman becomes pregnant “it’s not (her) body anymore.” 

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