May 4, 2023/Media

NC House Republicans Abandon Campaign Promises With Vote For Extreme Abortion Ban

Candidates for North Carolina State House districts in 2022 made a promise to their constituents that they wouldn’t go to Raleigh and further restrict reproductive rights and freedoms, then turned around and did it anyway.

The receipts: 

  • Rep. John Bradford: “Bradford, however, says he supports the current law that allows abortion up until 20 weeks in North Carolina with some exceptions after that. ‘I have no intentions myself of going back to Raleigh and trying to make the 20 weeks more restrictive,’ he says.”
  • Rep. Tricia Cotham: “Now, more than ever we need leaders who will be unwavering and unapologetic in their support of abortion rights. I’ll fight to codify Roe in the #ncga and continue my strong record of defending the right to choose.”

“These House Republicans have made it clear they are willing to say anything on the campaign trail to get elected and then will cower to their political party when it matters the most,” said NCDP Chair Anderson Clayton. “In 2024, North Carolina Democrats will fight to replace them with pro-choice Democrats who will always protect reproductive freedom.”