September 21, 2022/Media, Press

What You Need To Know About Ted Budd Ahead Of The Trump Rally

Less than 50 days out from the election, Congressman Ted Budd continues to show voters that he’s a corrupt congressman who is dangerous, extreme, and out of step with North Carolina. Here’s what you need to know about Budd before he campaigns with former President Trump in Wilmington: 

TOO EXTREME FOR NC: Ted Budd’s record of undermining democracy and taking away women’s freedoms proves just how out of step he is with North Carolina.

CORRUPT: Even before he got to Congress, Budd’s personal business dealings were mired in corruption.

  • Ted Budd and his family were involved in a bankrupt agriculture company that screwed farmers out of $50 million and left behind $1.3 million in  tax debt —, including $33,000 owed to the state of North Carolina. 

BOUGHT & SOLD: In Congress, Budd has repeatedly voted to protect the special interests that fund his campaign, while North Carolinians pay the price.