April 15, 2022/Media, Press

WHAT THEY’RE READING: Biden’s Triad Building a Better America Visit Dominates Headlines

Yesterday, President Biden visited North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina to discuss his plans for investing in our universities and U.S. manufacturing jobs as part of the administration’s Building a Better America plan. 

What North Carolinians are reading about President Biden’s visit to the Triad: 

A&T Register: Biden to speak on campus today
President Joe Biden will visit campus today. The A&T Register will cover his remarks from the Piedmont Triad International Airport tarmac as well as his comments at the Alumni Foundation Events Center. According to a media release, Biden may discuss a number of his administration initiatives, including the economy, inflation, and his Building a Better America plan. The White House said Biden plans to tour North Carolina A&T’s campus, where he may meet with faculty and students in the robotics and cybersecurity departments.

ABC11: President Biden addresses economy, meets with students and faculty at North Carolina A&T
President Biden spoke on-campus at North Carolina A&T on Thursday afternoon, touching on efforts to enhance educational opportunities for underserved communities as well as efforts to combat rising costs… ‘I signed an executive order to advance HBCU excellence across the entire administration – everything from policies to funding. And speaking of funding, we were able to deliver a little more than $5 billion to HBCUs last year. $5 billion. And more to come,’ said Biden. Also Thursday, the administration launched a New Equity Action Plan, aimed at removing barriers affecting underserved communities. ‘We’re also working to increase Pell Grants to help millions of Black students and lower-income families to attend community colleges and four-year schools,’ said Biden.

Charlotte Observer: President Biden set a far better tone in Greensboro than Trump set in Selma
For the second time in just five days, North Carolina played host to a president — and the two visits couldn’t have been more different. President Joe Biden visited North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro Thursday to discuss his plan to ‘build back America better.’… During Saturday’s visit, Trump sang his usual song: the United States has veered from its path to greatness, and only he can right it. He reprimanded schools for trying to replace ‘reading and math with pronouns and gender study’ and declared, hilariously, that he is the ‘most honest human being, perhaps, that God ever created.’ Biden, on the other hand, touted the results of his administration’s ‘economic vision,’ including new jobs and sharp declines in unemployment.

News & Record: Presidential address: In visit to NC A&T, Biden makes case for a ‘united’ America
In his first visit to the city since being elected, President Joe Biden talked about the economy, education and infrastructure during a stop Thursday afternoon at N.C. A&T. Before speaking to his ‘Building A Better America’ plan, Biden took a tour of the new Harold L. Martin Sr. Engineering Research and Innovation Complex… The tour then visited a robotics lab, where a small team demonstrated how Spot — a robotic dog — can easily maneuver to aid in inspections and searches. ‘The work you’re doing is important,’ Biden told several students and staff.

WRAL: Biden advocates for Congress to pass Bipartisan Innovation Act in speech at NC A&T
President Joe Biden arrived Thursday afternoon in Greensboro to discuss inflation and infrastructure. Biden arrived in Air Force One just after 1 p.m. Thursday at Piedmont Triad International Airport. He began delivering remarks around 3 p.m. Thursday at NC A&T University about his administration’s efforts to make more in America, rebuild domestic supply chains and bring costs down for the American people, according to a White House memo. ‘This is really an impressive place,’ Biden said of NC A&T. ‘You have a lot of impressive students.’

WXII 12: North Carolina A&T State University hosts President Joe Biden Thursday
U.S. President Joe Biden visited the campus of North Carolina A&T in Greensboro Thursday afternoon to discuss several topics, including his administration’s efforts to rebuild the country’s supply chains and bring costs down for the American people as part of the Building a Better America plan. Greensboro police and A&T staff helped direct guests, reporters, students and others to the Alumni-Foundation Event Center for the address. Biden was expected to meet with cybersecurity and robotics students ahead of the remarks.